March 2023 Newsletter

Spring Bareroot Seedlings

Orders for bareroot seedlings can be made through our website:, e-mail: or by phone: 613-258-0110.


The minimum purchase requirement is 100 bareroot seedlings in total, at least 20 per species, for example: 20 Bitternut Hickory, 40 Hackberry, 40 Black Walnut = 100.

  • Bareroot seedlings are the most economical planting stock for large planting projects. They are the best performers in open fields where competition is high because they establish quickly.  
  • Can be used to create a windrow to reduce excessive wind, block snowdrifts, prevent soil erosion, and provide privacy.
  • Bareroot seedlings planted on shoreline, protect surface and groundwater sources and stabilize the soil. 
  • After a weather event like the derecho we had last spring or invasive species damage like the Emerald Ash borer, you can improve forest health and rehabilitate your woodlot.  with a bareroot seedling restoration planting. 

     In early spring after the frost has left the ground, soil moisture is high and temperatures are mild. This minimizes handling and planting stresses, making it an ideal time to plant. 

American Mountain Ash

Smooth Arrowwood 
Highbush Cranberry 
Bitternut Hickory 
Silver Maple 
Hybrid Poplar 
Jack Pine 
Red Pine 
White Pine 
Norway Spruce
Black Walnut
Black Willow
Pussy Willow 
Peachleaf Willow 
Sandbar Willow 
Weeping Willow 
Liberty Apple 
Lobo Apple 

Resources: Ferguson Tree Nursery website